Monday, January 28

Rose Tattoo Spesific Colors Meaning

The roses is not only famous for its romantic connotations but have been used in more aggressive situations. Two famous families in England have a rose as part of their families symbolism. The Lancaster's emblem is red rose and The York's use white roses in their coat of arms.

One of Britain's dominant parties is symbolized by red rose. (The Labor Party).

Rose tattoo designs have been used as a sign of masculinity. They are not just for women. Take the famous rock band Guns And Roses. Each of its members wears a rose incorporated with a gun.

Meanings Of Color

The color of rose tattoo designs will have a different meaning for the person who wears it. Here is something you may not have been aware of:
  • Red- symbolizes loveliness and pureness, often in the form of a single bud
  • Dark red- unconscious beauty
  • Light Pink- represents understanding and sweetness
  • Pink- will convey friendship, grace, appreciation, gentle ness and happiness
  • Yellow- this color will symbolize joyfulness, happiness, apologetic or jealousy on some level
  • Lavender- will represent fascination
  • Coral- will show desire
  • Gold- indicates achievement or prosperity
  • Blue- will represent impossibility
  • Black- is traditional to show sorrow, death and loss