Sunday, January 27

Lotus Tattoo, History and religions

Lotus serves as the center of several religions in Asia as well as in Africa. If you take a little bit closely, you'll realize that seeds of lotus can survive for many years. On the other hand, this flower symbolizes purity and eternity for Buddhists people. It also represents body and mind of the universe.

Tattoo lotus flower designs are great ways to express your luck and fortune to others. Whether you're fond of lotus or not, making it as your design can produce a wonderful kind of art ever. As for men, they can opt to get lotus tattoos on the arm symbolizing strength and courage during downturns of life.

So, what's stopping you choosing one of tattoo lotus flower designs that are out there? Everything you need is present on the internet, all you need is to do is to find a good artists that will imprint the design to your body. Above all, you should understand that tattoos last forever. And like lotus, it's hard to get back from the original position once you have it in your body.