Saturday, January 26

Real Meaning of Lotus Tattoo Symbol

You probably think that lotus is only a simple flower. However, as you take a look with the inner aspect of this flower, you'll find that lotus is used in several religious representations and Asiatic cultures. For African culture, this flower is sacred as it symbolizes purity and immortal elegance. However, for tattoo enthusiasts, tattoo lotus flower represent an aid during struggles and crisis in life. Remember, lotus grows in mud. Usually, it's hard to find flower on the middle of the fond of mud. The same thing it's hard to seek for help during struggles in life.

What's the real meaning of lotus tattoo symbol?

Lotus can be compared to butterflies as it represents changes in life. It symbolizes strength and hope during hardships. The movement of lotus as an aquatic plant depends on the water that surrounds the whole pond. If the water is going to the west, then this flower will also move to the west as well. Just like life. No matter how many struggles we're facing right now, we should be strong and confident enough. Above all, lotus tells us to ride wherever life goes.