Tuesday, July 29

Britney Spears Tattoo

Britney Spears is one of the very popular artist. Britney Spears Fashion Style pretty much become trend center. She also has several tattoos on his body.

Britney Jean Spears was born in McComb (Mississippi) and raised in rural Louisiana (Kentwood) to Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears. As a child, Britney attended dance classes, and she was great at gymnastics, winning many competitions and the like. But, most of all, Britney loved to sing. At age 8, Britney tried out for The All New Mickey Mouse Club (1989), but was turned down due to her young age. This directed her to an off-Broadway show, "Ruthless", for a 2-year run as the title character. At age 11, she again tried for The All New Mickey Mouse Club (1989) and, this time, made it as a mouseketeer alongside many stars of today (Justin Timberlake and J.C. Chasez of *NSYNC and Ryan Gosling). Her big break, however, came when she was signed as a Jive Recording Artist in the late 90s. With the release of her debut album, "...Baby One More Time" in early 1999, Britney became an international success, selling 13 million copies of "Baby" and 9 million (as of July 2001) of her sophomore album, "Oops!...I Did It Again", released in May of 2000.

Thursday, July 17

Inspirational 3D Tattoo Tips

Small Spider 3D Tattoo on Neck
About tattoo art is growing along with the development of technology, so that the beauty of the design of complex ideas that can be realized on the tattoo image. With the development of the art of tattooing is the standpoint of the general public began to change. Previously regarded tattoo art is closely linked to the world of crime, but now tattoo art is really considered as an art of beauty. One very popular in tattoo art tattoo is 3-dimensional. 3 dimensional tattoo art is still relatively new and growing. Many creative ideas that have been able to be realized, and the results are very beautiful. Here are examples of three-dimensional tattoo image that can be a source of inspiration for tattoo enthusiasts.

Before getting your first tattoo there are many factors to consider. Let me give you 5 tattoo tips for getting a great tattoo.

  1. Carefully think about where you want it placed. There are many things to consider when deciding the placement of your tattoo. If it's to visible or big, you may have a hard time getting some jobs. Also, tattooing areas like the lower back or neck is far more painful and expensive than the chest, shoulders and upper arms. Keep in mind that certain tattoos look good on only certain places on the body.
  2. Thoroughly research tattoo artists and what they offer. There's a lot of low quality artists out there that you need to look out for.
  3. Make your mind up about how you would like to pay for the tattoo. Many tattoo artists offer a one time payment for the entire tattoo, while others charge by the hour, and with some you have the option to choose how you would like to pay. If you'll be getting a big colorful tattoo, it's usually cheaper to pay a one time fee, as these things can take several sessions to complete.
  4. When considering the size of the tattoo, keep in mind that it's difficult and expensive to get it removed later. Consider therefore how it would look when you're older.
  5. If you're thinking about getting your first tattoo, it's wise to chose a design that can be expanded on later. Many people get more tattoos after their first one, even though this may not have been in their original plan. I'ts also a good idea to choose a design that isn't to generic. Many people who choose generic designs regret this later.

Monday, February 11

Rose Tattoo

The color you choose may have a much to do with the reason for getting the rose tattoo. Of course, tattoo lovers are free to select any color they desire, no matter its purpose.

The rose fascinated the Victorians and, as a result, they assigned different emotional qualities and meanings to different color variations. These colors are generally taken under consideration when choosing a rose tattoo design.
  • Red – True love (particularly when presented as a single rose), passion, and saying “I love you,” romantic love, and respect.
  • Pink – Grace, elegance, gentleness.
  • Coral – desire.
  • Orange – Enthusiasm, excitement, and fascination.
  • Light Peach – modesty and friendship.
  • Yellow – Jealousy (historically). Familiar love, friendship, gladness, joy, and devotion (modern times).
  • White – Purity, innocence, spiritual love, youth, and secrecy.
  • Blue – Fascination, fantasy, impossibility (largely because the blue rose does not really exist – all “blue” roses are really lavender or white roses that have been dyed).
  • Purple – Enchantment and love at first sight.
  • Black – Death and darkness (black roses in nature are really deep purple).
  • Red and White Combined – Mercy, unity, and justice.
  • Red and Yellow Combined – Congratulations
  • Yellow and Orange Combined – Passionate thoughts.
The rose tattoo is a popular choice among both men and women. But, why is this image so popular and what is the meaning behind the flower?

The History of the Rose

The Rose has the same symbolic meaning as the Lotus does in the East: love, particularly love that is pure. The Ancient Greeks believed the rose was originally white in color. It turned to red when the goddess of love, Aphrodite, pricked herself with one of its thorns and bled on the blossoms.

The actual plant was first grown in ancient Persia. At this time, it was looked upon as a masculine flower. Over the next several thousand years, the rose was cultivated into many different varieties. As a result, it is now more closely linked to femininity and beauty. Nonetheless, variations of the rose tattoo are found on nearly as many men as women. In fact, the rose tattoo was once a popular choice amongst sailors in the 40s, who got one of these tattoos as a way of honoring their wife or girlfriend they left behind at home. At the same time, it was viewed as a suitable tattoo choice for women.

The Rose Tattoo and Beauty

The most common meaning behind the rose tattoo is the representation of beauty. Many rose tattoo lovers believe the rose represents both inner and outer beauty. When thorns are present on the image, it means the person does not place a great deal of emphasis on outer beauty. For others, the rose image refers to everlasting beauty, with the thorn meaning you can look but you can’t touch.

The Rose Tattoo and Love

The rose tattoo is also closely linked to love. It can be a symbol of being in love when the rose is without thorns. Or, the thorned rose can be a reminder that love should be entered into with caution because you may be “pricked” by the thorns. The thorned rose tattoo serves as a reminder that love does not come without certain sacrifices. As such, caution should be used when falling in love. The thorned rose tattoo means love is not without its risks and that ecstasy will not come without enduring a certain amount of agony.