Thursday, January 31

Rose Tattoo Gallery

 Red Rose Tattoo with "fearless" quote
 Unique design of Rose tattoo
 Rose and Dragon mix together on Thigh
 Full back Rose Tattoo
 Black and grey Rose Tattoo on rib and hip
Simple and Small Rose Tattoo Idea
Big Black and Grey Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

Choose Your Colors Wisely

The color of a rose has significance and meaning, so before you commit to a particular design you should choose the color that best represents the symbolism of your tattoo.
  • A red rose embodies the conventional color choice and exemplifies beauty, love, bravery, passion and romanticism
  • A red rose bud constitutes a symbol of pureness and loveliness
  • A dark red rose stands for unconscious beauty
  • A gold rose represents accomplishment
  • A pink rose bespeaks friendship, appreciation, grace, happiness and gentleness
  • A light pink rose symbolizes understanding and sweetness
  • A white rose conveys sinlessness, innocence, silence, privacy, reverence, humbleness, youthfulness and charm
  • A yellow rose personifies joyfulness, happiness, jealousy or an apology
  • A lavender rose intends fascination
  • A coral rose symbolizes desire
  • A blue rose represents impossibilities
  • A black rose traditionally represents sorrow and death

Rose Tattoo Part

First of all, which part of the rose are you going to include. Not all rose tattoo designs need the rose to be included in the design; a simple bud could be. The bud illustrates growth, and purity. Take into account what interpretations you want your tattoo to have and alter your tattoo accordingly.

Tuesday, January 29

Rose Tattoo, colors suggest ideas

The last thing you should take into consideration is whether any ink other than black should be included. Traditionally, you get red roses, but this need not be the case with your design of a rose tattoo. You are in the driving seat to choose any color your dreams can come up with, but make sure that you comprehend the symbolism of different colors. These vary from person to person, but some cases could be black (which normally denotes death, but which could equally be used as a mark of respect to a relative who has recently died), blue (which usually signifies challenges await the wearer and you will work hard to beat them), golden (which traditionally stands for achievements and fortune), yellow (which typically emphasizes new birth and happiness) and white (which nearly always implies purity and forgiveness). Choose your chosen colors carefully; there is no reason why you have to have just one color.

Monday, January 28

Tribal Rose Tattoo Design

Free tribal art of rose tattoo design idea.

Rose Tattoo Spesific Colors Meaning

The roses is not only famous for its romantic connotations but have been used in more aggressive situations. Two famous families in England have a rose as part of their families symbolism. The Lancaster's emblem is red rose and The York's use white roses in their coat of arms.

One of Britain's dominant parties is symbolized by red rose. (The Labor Party).

Rose tattoo designs have been used as a sign of masculinity. They are not just for women. Take the famous rock band Guns And Roses. Each of its members wears a rose incorporated with a gun.

Meanings Of Color

The color of rose tattoo designs will have a different meaning for the person who wears it. Here is something you may not have been aware of:
  • Red- symbolizes loveliness and pureness, often in the form of a single bud
  • Dark red- unconscious beauty
  • Light Pink- represents understanding and sweetness
  • Pink- will convey friendship, grace, appreciation, gentle ness and happiness
  • Yellow- this color will symbolize joyfulness, happiness, apologetic or jealousy on some level
  • Lavender- will represent fascination
  • Coral- will show desire
  • Gold- indicates achievement or prosperity
  • Blue- will represent impossibility
  • Black- is traditional to show sorrow, death and loss

Sunday, January 27

Lotus Tattoo, History and religions

Lotus serves as the center of several religions in Asia as well as in Africa. If you take a little bit closely, you'll realize that seeds of lotus can survive for many years. On the other hand, this flower symbolizes purity and eternity for Buddhists people. It also represents body and mind of the universe.

Tattoo lotus flower designs are great ways to express your luck and fortune to others. Whether you're fond of lotus or not, making it as your design can produce a wonderful kind of art ever. As for men, they can opt to get lotus tattoos on the arm symbolizing strength and courage during downturns of life.

So, what's stopping you choosing one of tattoo lotus flower designs that are out there? Everything you need is present on the internet, all you need is to do is to find a good artists that will imprint the design to your body. Above all, you should understand that tattoos last forever. And like lotus, it's hard to get back from the original position once you have it in your body.

Rose Tattoo Combination

The next thing is whether you want the rose to be on its own or associated with other images. Such other images could be the stalk (which would lend the symmetry you may require for the tattoo's placing on your lower back), folks' names (perhaps of your kids or other relatives), fairies (which can represent a positive outlook on life, joy, cheekiness, depending on the type of fairy chosen), butterflies (which signify beauty, poise and the vulnerability of human life), bees (which emphasize activity, sweetness and selfless sacrifice) or hummingbirds (graceful birds which feed on pollen). There are lots of elements you could include, but make sure they all mean something significant for you, rather than just looking cool!

Another Simple Design of Rose Tattoo

Here are simple design of rose tattoo.

Rose and Heart Tattoo Design

Here are simple rose and heart tattoo mix together.

Rose Tattoo and Details Meaning

The colors of the rose and their meanings.

Red. Obviously this is the color of love and affection. It can also depict courage or respect. Many times the red rose is used to express sincere love and passion. The most popular color for a tattoo.

Yellow. The yellow rose is given when someone wishes to express friendship or happiness. It coincides with delight and joy. Sometimes the yellow rose is used to show caring or nurturing. A stunning tattoo color.

Peach. This color is very pretty and subtle. The peach rose is given to someone to say thanks and show gratitude. It may be used when one wants to express sincerity and appreciation for an accomplishment. Very subtle.

White. Most people associate the white rose with weddings and marriage. It is a symbol of innocence and purity. It can also express intimacy and secrecy. Difficult to make look natural.

Blue. When someone uses the blue rose they can be expressing the impossible or unattainable. It is used for displaying the unreachable goal or dream. This is a very striking tattoo color.

Pink. Very many times pink roses will be used to show sympathy or sorrow. They also can symbolize grace, gentleness and admiration. Not used much but should be.

Orange. When someone is enthusiastic or wants to display fascination and desire they generally turn to the orange rose. It is a symbol of wants and achievement. Also a beautiful tattoo color.

Sterling or Lavender. This is a beautiful color of rose. It is meant to display infatuation or love at first sight. It can be use to express enchantment or fantasy as well. Works well with dragons and fantasy tats.

Black. This is the rose that means death and despair. When this rose is used it means goodbye or farewell to those who have passed on. Use carefully.

The above colors and their definitions are just guidelines. You can ink whatever color rose you would like. It really is up to the individual but keep in mind the color so that you don't use the incorrect meaning.

Simple Design Ideas for Rose Tattoo

Simple design of rose tattoo. Red rose tattoo is the color of love and affection. It can also depict courage or respect. Many times the red rose is used to express sincere love and passion. The most popular color for a tattoo.

Rose Tattoo Universal Symbol

Who does not love a rose and find it simply and stunningly beautiful? Maybe men might consider themselves too masculine to wear one of these flowers tattooed on their bodies, but, women swear by it. Rose tattoo designs are easily the most beautiful and hence, the most popular of all the tattoo designs, at least among women. Rose is the universal symbol of pure love, especially in the west and symbolizes everything that is beautiful with the world.

Saturday, January 26

Real Meaning of Lotus Tattoo Symbol

You probably think that lotus is only a simple flower. However, as you take a look with the inner aspect of this flower, you'll find that lotus is used in several religious representations and Asiatic cultures. For African culture, this flower is sacred as it symbolizes purity and immortal elegance. However, for tattoo enthusiasts, tattoo lotus flower represent an aid during struggles and crisis in life. Remember, lotus grows in mud. Usually, it's hard to find flower on the middle of the fond of mud. The same thing it's hard to seek for help during struggles in life.

What's the real meaning of lotus tattoo symbol?

Lotus can be compared to butterflies as it represents changes in life. It symbolizes strength and hope during hardships. The movement of lotus as an aquatic plant depends on the water that surrounds the whole pond. If the water is going to the west, then this flower will also move to the west as well. Just like life. No matter how many struggles we're facing right now, we should be strong and confident enough. Above all, lotus tells us to ride wherever life goes.