Sunday, January 23

Lotus Tattoo Meaning And Ideas

In flower symbolism, the lotus represents "a new beginning" and "estranged love". The lotus flower has been mentioned in Bible and other religious text. It has also been portrayed in mythology and legends. Some people even say that the lotus is the flower of God. Religious tattoos sometime contain the lotus in designs, but it is rare. Many people follow the symbolic meaning of a new beginning. These people believe that the lotus symbolizes rebirth. Many of us want a new start or a new beginning. Some of us enjoy new starts. The lotus tattoo can symbolize that very thought.

Wednesday, January 12

Rose Tattoo Ideas

Rose tattoo ideas can be designed in countless styles and colors and almost all the tattoo artists in the world would be well versed in inscribing those, thanks to the countless demands for rose tattoo designs that they oblige to. Just by looking at a rose tattooed on you or on someone else fills you with an inexplicable positive vibe and you simply can not help but admire the simple, yet regal beauty that it exudes. That is the power of a rose and all that it stands for. Rose tattoos are simple, yet the most beautiful and no one can deny that.

Tuesday, January 11

Symbol Aquarius Tattoo

 Feet tattoo for blue aquarius symbol, mix with red rose
 Unique design Aquarius tattoo
 Creative Ideas For Aquarius Tattoo
 Aquarius Tattoo Design Ideas
 water overflowing from the water bearer, great sign for plenty and prosperity
 Aquarius Theme Tattoo on Arm
Aquarius Simbol for Tribal Tattoo