Saturday, December 1

Taurus Tattoos

Taurus is the second of the twelve signs of the zodiac, corresponding to the constellation Taurus, and is depicted as a bull.

Taurus glyph The glyph for Taurus looks like the letter “O” with curly-cue horns sticking out of the top.

Taurus tattoos can be of the image, glyph, or combination of both.

Taurus is an earth element sign, and is ruled by the planet Venus. Often, it is linked to the ancient Greek legend of Europa (for whom the continent of Europe is named), a beautiful human girl who wanted to travel to the ends of the earth, beyond the horizon. Zeus sent her a bull carry her on her journey. Some variations say that the bull was really the god Jupiter in disguise. Custom has it that the bull is linked to speech and hearing. In the early Christian era, the constellation was sometimes associated with Christ, who was “logos,” or the “Word.”

The Taurus personality is steady and slow to anger, but watch out for them when they get mad! Taurus like to eat, and they work well with money. One thing they cannot tolerate are those who fail to fulfill their obligations. The lists below show a number of characteristics, both positive and negative, that different sources attribute to Taurus:

Positive: practical, conservative, beautiful or rich voice, productive, warm, sincere, sensual, loyal in friendship and in love, both masculine and feminine strengths

Negative: slow, possessive, intractable, relentless, overbearing, jealous, tyrannical, coarse, gluttonous, repetitive, selfish, violent, cruel

Characteristics associated with Taurus, which may be customized into a unique tattoo design:

  • Body Part: Neck
  • Color: Red-Orange
  • Metal: Copper
  • Flower: Daisy
  • Gem: Amethyst (Emerald)
  • Food: Celery

Famous Taurus include Brahms, Ella Fitzgerald, and Karl Marx.