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Gemini Tattoos (May 21-June 20)

Gemini is the third of the twelve signs of the zodiac, corresponding to the constellation Gemini, and is depicted as human twins.

Gemini glyph The glyph for Gemini looks like the Roman numeral “II.”
Gemini tattoos can be of the image, glyph, or combination of both.
Gemini is an air element sign, and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Often, it is linked to the ancient Greek legend of Castor and Pollux, sons of the god Zeus. Legend has it that Castor (sometimes spelled Kastor) was mortal, while his sibling Pollux was immortal. Other stories claim that one twin was Eques or Apollo, and the other was Hercules or Pugil. Given the configuration of the stars, it appears that Pugil may be boxing his brother. That’s where we get the word “pugilist” to refer to modern day boxers.

The Gemini personality is curious and adaptable, but is sometimes naïve or reacts to insignificant things. They make good journalists and love to travel and try new things; they are good at multi-tasking, but may sometimes start more projects than they can finish. The lists below show a number of characteristics, both positive and negative, that different sources attribute to Gemini: Positive: instinctive, intellectual, versatile, idealistic, communicative, imitative, inventive, alert, inquisitive, youthful mentality and appearance

Negative: superficial, restless, impatient, unstable, lacking in concentration, inconsistent, difficult, childish, immature

Characteristics associated with Gemini, which may be customized into a unique Gemini tattoo design:

  • Body Part: Shoulders, Arms
  • Color: Orange
  • Metal: Mercury
  • Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley
  • Gem: Emerald (Pearl)
  • Food: Lettuce, Cauliflower

Famous Gemini include Dante, Stravinsky, Wagner, and “Sherlock Holmes” creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.