Tuesday, November 27

Aries Tattoo

For those of you who were born between March 21-April 19, meaning you have Aries Zodiac. And if you tattoo lovers, Aries symbol can be an idea for your tattoo.

Aries is the first of the twelve signs of the zodiac, corresponding to the constellation Aries, and is depicted as a ram.

The glyph for Aries looks like the letter “V” with curled down ends, representing a ram’s horns (though some ancient traditions claim it is human eyebrows and a nose).

Aries tattoos can be of the image, glyph, or combination of both.
Aries is a fire element sign, and is ruled by the planet Mars. Often,it is linked to the ancient Greek legend of the Golden Fleece. The god Zeus was said to have a ram whose fleece was made of gold. The ram was sacrificed to save human lives. The fleece was left behind on earth to serve as a reminder of Zeus’s kindness, while the spirit of the ram was set into the stars of the sky.

The Aries personality is strong and impulsive. Aries make good leaders, though they tend to be impatient and may use time unwisely or ignore good advice. Aries are said to have strong sexual instincts, and are not afraid of humiliation. The lists below show a number of characteristics, both positive and negative, that different sources attribute to the Aries:

Positive: outgoing, pioneering, self-reliant, idealistic, enthusiastic, exaggerative, initiatory, freedom-loving, active, intense, resourceful, aggressive, inspirational, courageous, spontaneous, audacious, virile

Negative: selfish, insensitive, overbearing, dictatorial, resentful, sarcastic, jealous, coarse, argumentative, violent, uncontrolled, impatient, egotistical

Characteristics associated with Aries, which may be customized into a unique tattoo design:
  • Body Part: Head
  • Color: Red
  • Metal: Iron
  • Flower: Buttercup
  • Gem: Opal, Sapphire (Diamond)
  • Food: tomatoes
Famous Aries include Van Gogh, Goya, Max Ernst, DaVinci, and Khrushchev. 
Here are few pictures of Aries Tattoo for inspiration: