Monday, July 16

Aquarius Body Arts

Aquarius are very honest and practical people. They are very emotional, loving and intelligent. This is a set of Aquarius tattoos in pleasing designs. The Aquarius sign symbolizes the Water Bearer so blue and green colors have been used very artistically. The tattoos look very attractive and bright but not flashy. Tattoo art has come out in its best form in this collection. There is a tattoo for everyone, from small to large, and from simple to intricate. These tattoos have a cool and pleasant just like the Aquarian themselves.

The waves have been designed in very smooth curves, making it a great tattoo.
Aquarius Tribal Tattoo Design Idea
black water wave for aquarius simple tattoo
Aquarius Angel Fairy
This Aquarius tattoo has simple waves in the standard black ink which looks quite nice.
fantastic depiction of an Aquarius tattoo
water wave and aquarius symbol mix together
Great Aquarius Theme Tattoo on Arm