Saturday, January 7

Rose Tattoo for Men and Women

Men can get their rose designs done on their shoulders, upper arms, sides, etc. They can be combined with guns, tribal designs, skulls, daggers, crosses and in combination with your beloved's name. Celebrities love getting them done up and some of them are Ricky Martin, Mary J Blige, Lady Gaga, Slash, Cher and Heather Locklear amongst others. Even the number of roses is significant - one means complete devotion, two roses entwined mean "marry me", six represent a need to be loved, eleven is an assurance that the recipient is loved as well as cherished and thirteen indicate a secret admirer. A rose with eight petals signify regeneration, a rose without any thorns indicates love at first site, a thorny rose can represent masculinity and also the balance between nature. Hence, they are quite apt for men. The leaves on a rose represent hope and a full blown rose on top of two rose buds is a combination that means is a sign of secrecy.