Wednesday, January 13

Pics of Aquarius Tattoos

The zodiac sign Aquarius symbolizes the Water Bearer. People under this sign are good mix of emotions, love, intelligence and warmth. They are great thinkers, hard-working and have leadership qualities. Tattoos of one’s zodiac sign is a very popular trend among the youth. These are some superlative Aquarius tattoos that will please most people. The use of different shades of blue and green colors makes this a classic collection. There is a tattoo for each Aquarian from small designs to bigger ones.

Tribal Aquarius Tattoo Mix
Aquarius Lady Tattoo with nice colours
Unique Small tattoo for Aquarius Sign Theme
Blue Aquarius Unique Tattoo Design Idea
Blue water and star and moon
Small Tribal Aquarius Tattoo Idea
Great Tribal Aquarius Tattoo on arm